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Let’s repair the planet, one Freefill at a time™.

Water bottle stations are a powerful, contactless way to reduce single-use plastic bottles. Waterlogic invite you to explore their touchless Freefill range of water bottles stations.

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If you’d like to be a founding partner and play a key part in reaching 100 Million Freefills, please request a tailored presentation from your Freefill Sales Team

Let's repair the planet

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One Freefill at a time.

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Rehydrate. Reduce. Repair.

The Freefill portfolio can be designed in your brand look and feel. When you invest in value-add services and contribute to sustainability, we believe you should promote this to your staff and customers

Freefill provides a touch-less solution both indoors and outdoors







The victory against single use plastic bottles will happen when every person and organisation decides to refill and not buy new.

Greg Pritchett, Managing Director, Waterlogic