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Offering safe, hygienic & contactless hydration solutions

The only water dispensers that protect your water with unrivalled purification technology and protect your staff with hands free options. Freefill’s cutting-edge UV sterilisation system is designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in water – coupled with a silver ion antimicrobial coating on all areas of the dispenser unit accessible by users.

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UV Max

The UV Bottle Filling Station is the ideal way to reduce your businesses impact on the environment. Providing a hygienic, and environmentally friendly solution for users to stay hydrated, with bespoke branding options available. The UV Bottle Filling Station can meet the high capacity demands of the busiest environments.



The wall-mounted Bottle Filling Station is perfect for providing chilled drinking water within busy public areas. It is design for quickly refilling reusable bottles, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

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The mechanical wall mounted bottle filling station is a cost effective and efficient solution for supplying bottle refilling facilities within high traffic public areas.



This compact wall-mounted Bottle Filling Station is specifically designed for refilling water bottles in high traffic public areas. As well as being the ideal option for refilling reusable bottles, this machine helps raise awareness of single-use plastic reduction, with its digital bottle counter display.